On The Fringe

Its a great big brownie smile
November 7, 2011, 12:57 pm
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Saturday morning is always busy. I passed over the indigo girls last night. I can’t do friday night’s knowing i have to do be smiling in the morning. My eleven oclock, Maria cancels, she isint feeling well. Shit. I marked off an hour and a half of my time, now what? Sitting at the front desk looking at the sun knowing it wont be shining much longer, a long haired women walks by and I smile.I know she’s digging the sun, she looked up, and caught my brownie smile. She turned on her heel as if I had called her name. She walked in and asked if there was time to do her hair? I would love to do your hair! My hour was filled and a new client who was thrilled to be treated with kindness paid the light bill.