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Doctor and the cure
January 20, 2011, 10:26 pm
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Melinda came in earlier today because of the snow storm warning. She has been a client for years, so she didn’t mind leaving work a little earlier than usual  for me to manage her Joan of Ark haircut. “This time I want to wear my hair a little longer “she requested, it has been so cold this winter I would like to have a little fur on my head, until spring. I began the haircut and she shyly told me she was in love. Melinda is three years out of a marriage and desperately wanted a kid. She gave it a whirl herself but it didn’t happen, I think lately she was feeling defeated. She has been in love before but for whatever reason things didn’t work out.” Where did you meet him I inquired? Plenty of fish, an on line dating service  that I had given up on she told me.I hadn’t even checked in for a month and  unexpectedly there was a match message. I called him, we met, and a month later we are in love! I inquired more about him and she eagerly answered All of my questions.” He has a four year old little girl, he is a widower, his wife was struck down by a bus in the city, and this little girl was their only child. Something in my head clicked and I knew this was it for her. She is a kind and caring doctor who has been looking for a cure, and I think she just found her medicine.


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