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January 11, 2011, 10:47 pm
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If my salon was located in some suburban mall I would not have to worry about getting home, but as it looks from my window I wont be going anywhere. Snow is falling just in time for rush hour, so Sue k suggested I blog. As I have said before I have some of the most eccentric clients that seem to gravitate to this location.Today was no exception. Kris was here early in the morning and I hadn’t seen her for a few months, she has been in NewYork lighting the Billy Elliot show that has been running on broadway, and her hair looked as if it had been on the same tour. She usually keeps it cropped pretty short so I was surprised how long it had become. Kris is the associate lighting designer, and is back home to light up Mary Poppin’s show running in Pittsburgh. Her story today was short and sweet. She told me there are always two or three Billy Elliot’s due to child labor laws. She was amazed by the boys talent, and ability to focus for a very long time. They have to sing dance jump around on stage for hours. On one of her breaks she was walking outside, and noticed some kids on a playground, and she recognized one of the Billy Elliot’s. Sweet she thought, he was eight or nine and he was just being a kid. No stage mothers in sight as he flung himself on to a swing. I loved the image, the story was sweet. Thanks kris, with that new hair color I think I lit her up!


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That’s my girl, Suze. Always a clever-turn-of-phrase. So glad you have taken up ‘writing.’ The digital age we now live in does make it easier, eh?

And, let’s face it, you and I were never short on opinions, or anecdotes, etc. Why not share them?

Definitely ask a friend with some tech-savvy to link your blog to your Facebook profile, so that whenever you post, updates to FB are automatic :>)

Love ya, Suze…

Comment by Glenn

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