On The Fringe

“Won’t you be my neighbor?”
December 1, 2009, 6:44 pm
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As I have said, my clientele is a very eclectic group of artists, academics, and crazy people. In which order…I am not sure. My salon is very close to the local public radio station’s studios and offices. At one point my salon served all of Mr. Rogers staff, the famous public television show we all grew up with in the sixties and seventies, Mister Rogers neighborhood. One brilliant art director for the show who visits my salon is named kathy. Her hair is similar to my Aunt Betty’s. When I first cut her hair and suggested a shampoo called pure abundance, she was willing and able to maximize any kind of body she could get.  I explained to her that there was clay in the shampoo to make the hair follicle feel thicker. Her response was,

“Are you sure I couldn’t just dip my head into one of the litter boxes at home?”

Kathy loves cats. The last time she counted she had close to 20. I visited her home once. As I sat down in her kitchen she asked me if I preferred wet or dry food. You would have to see the refuge cat camp to believe it. Everyone knew she had the heart to save any abandoned cat in the city. And she took them all — the mother Theresa of city cats.  Kathy always said I was able to make her hair look French and that I was able to work with “her lifeless hairs better than any hairdresser she had ever worked with”. Kathy is one of the most creative women I know. She was always looking for help with the props on Fred’s set – she had the demanding job of setting the stage for the taping of the show each day. One day she came to me and asked me if I could take care of Lady Elaine’s wigs. They needed to be combed and dusted.

“Sure, “ I said. “Bring them by.” Lady Elaine and the other famous clients I’m about to name drop are some of the most famous clients I have worked on in the salon to this day — the puppets of mister Rogers neighborhood. Lady Elaine’s up-do was combed and cleaned for the following day’s shoot.

Not only did I get Lady Elaine, she also brought Danielle the Tiger and X the Owl. They stayed in the salon for a couple of days. Everyone loved seeing their old friends from The Mister Roger’s Show.

Knowing Kathy is one of the highlights of my career. I always enjoy our visits. She helped a friend of mine, Karen, who was an out of work artist and needed some cash.Kathy informed her how Mr. Rogers  wanted sketches of  Mr. Mcfeely and many Modes of Transportation from A-Z including  airplanes, buses, and trains cars . Once Karen had  completed  the sketches Mr. Rogers told Kathy that all the sketches were very good but he had some issues with the shading on Mr. McFeely’s pants. My friend Karen had decided to make Mr McFeely anatomically correct – a definite no-no according to Kathy. She told Karen to make sure that his genitalia was not even implied. We all got a great laugh over those sketches. At one point Karen gave Mr. McFeely an erection standing by one of the modes of transportation. Kathy and I laughed but it never made it to the neighborhood!


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